I Bought Compression Stockings - Now How do I Put Them on?

It's a common occurrence: I meet with clients for Compression Stockings, but they are hesitant to purchase them because they think the socks will be too tight, uncomfortable or impossible to put on and take off. They just can’t see themselves being able to wear them for hours every day, even though their Doctor has prescribed them or they’ve heard a friends comment how much better their legs feel after a long day on their feet! Read on to learn about the compression stocking experience here at Stand Your Ground.

Whether you are getting a “Custom Fit’ stocking, as prescribed by your Doctor, or an “off the shelf” (lower grade compression) option, these stockings have been made with your comfort in mind. I often tell my clients that the right compression stocking should fit you like that childhood baseball glove: snug, comfortable and familiar. 

Yes, they’re snug. They need to be, in order to be medically beneficial to you. But putting your compression socks on and off doesn’t have to be a daily struggle! Many clients find it especially challenging to get their compression socks over the heel and ankle. The last thing I want for you, the client, is for you to get discouraged or not wear your new socks consistently, and have the swelling in your legs and ankles return or get worse, instead of better.

That’s why I’m happy to meet with you after your stockings arrive and show you how to make putting them on and taking them off a breeze! By the way, you’ll hear us refer to this as Donning (putting on) and Doffing (taking off). I can show you some helpful tips for wearing your new compression socks that will help you become more comfortable with the process really quickly. There are even helpful don and doff apparatus options available to you here at Stand Your Ground if you’re having trouble reaching down to put your socks on or off. I can go over how to use these items with you if you need some extra help.

You’ll soon find the right adaptation for you. There is no wrong way, really. Together, we’ll figure it out!

Author: Danielle McGregor