How To Select The Correct Lacing Closure

When deciding what shoe is best for you an important factor to consider is how the shoe fastens to your foot. While velcro may be the most convenient option and easiest to apply it does not secure the foot as well as lacing.

Tying up laces is the best way to secure your foot in your shoe and has the most combinations to accommodate various foot sizes and shapes. For example, use the heel lock technique if your heel slips. For a high instep, skip a pair of eyelets where there is increased pressure. If you have a bunion, do not lace through the first medial eyelet. If you are looking for a similar lacing lockdown but do not have the dexterity or are unable to reach your feet to do so, consider purchasing a set of Lock Laces. These are elasticated laces that let you slide your foot into your shoe and are then easily cinched at the top!