What is a Non-slip Sole?

A non-slip sole is an important modification that anyone can benefit from.

Seniors especially can benefit from this modification as there is an increased risk of falling as people age. Walking in snow, cold weather or on ice calls for a certain type of sole. These soles will likely have deep lugs on the sole and be made of rubber so that it is flexible in the cold.

However, there is a balance. If a person who shuffles their feet in gait wears these shoes while walking on a polished floor, they are at risk of falling because the grip may be too much. In such an instance, a more appropriate sole material would be selected that has a smaller texture and does not grab the ground with as much force so that a person wearing these shoes will not be as likely to fall because the sole does not grip the concrete too hard.

We have many great options for non-slip soles at Stand Your Ground. If you believe you or a loved one could benefit from this modification, just get in touch! We would be happy to help you.