Forefoot Fillers + Tongue Pads

Were you fitted for a pair of shoes, found the right length and width but you still find that something doesn’t quite feel right? 

Perfecting the fit of a shoe might come down to using a couple of tricks. If you find that your heel is slipping, adding thin material under the forefoot or a thin pad on the inside of the shoe’s tongue might be enough to hold your foot in a better position. 

What are your options?

Some people, for example, have about a one-size difference between their feet. For these individuals it will be more difficult to get both shoes to fit comfortably without modifications.  The Pedorthist may need to put a pad in the front of the shoe to draw your smaller foot towards the heel. A tongue pad is a pad that is glued on the tongue of the shoe to help ensure a proper fit, and helps make the shoe fit tighter to keep the shoe from sliding around. Likewise with the fillers: they are a product designed to improve the fit of a client's footwear and maintain the foot's position in the shoe.

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