Compression at Any Age!

There is no "set age" that compression is meant for. In fact, you can feel the benefits of compression at any point in your life! A client of ours wrote in, letting us know about the success she had with compression stockings and what a staple they are in her daily life now.

We suggested using these stockings to help with issues she'd been having. A healthy 27-year-old runner, the client was growing more and more concerned about sensations she'd been having in her legs and feet. Not much had changed in her routine except a bit of an increase in her running and physical activity. She'd noticed over a few months time an increase of heaviness, aches and pains and tingling in her legs and feet. Veins had become more apparent as well. All of these symptoms hitting at once were distracting and worrisome.

After following up with her doctor and having x-rays performed to rule out anything serious, it was determined that this was essentially wear-and-tear from her physical activity and it was suggested that compression stockings would be a great help to her now, and in the future. The goal of the stockings in this case was to help increase the blood flow in her legs, alleviate the symptoms and ultimately prevent the symptoms from getting worse. Once she started using compression stockings on a regular basis, all of her symptoms started to dissipate. Less aches and pains, and next to no heaviness or tingling after just a few months of wearing them, feeling good as new with just standard grade compression! This client is able to continue on with her regular physical activity with next to no issues, and now owns a very colourful and comfortable selection of Sigvaris and Sockwell stockings.

If you're ready to start feeling the benefits of compression, reach out to the team at STAND YOUR GROUND and we'd be happy to start you off on the right foot. We carry many great options for your lifestyle, fashion sense and compression needs.