An Update from the Pedorthic Association of Canada

An important update was made from the Pedorthic Association of Canada. Read more! 

The PAC board has approved an update to the Custom-made foot orthoses (CFO) definition.

PAC’s recognized definition of CFO is now as follows:

“Custom-made foot orthoses (orthotics) are medical insoles worn inside footwear. They are designed and manufactured based on a specific individual’s feet and footwear in order to address a need determined during a clinical assessment by a qualified footcare professional." This update was necessary because theories and approaches continue to evolve, while technology has changed the way some are casting and manufacturing. The update also aimed to be concise and easy to understand. The PAC board hopes that this newly revised definition and the rationale for it resonates with all members and encourages trust and confidence from our stakeholders.

Source: here.