Behind The Scenes

I’m Matt, I work in the lab. If you visit us at Stand Your Ground, there is a good chance that we won’t meet, but I assure you that I’m hard at work for you. Whether you are ordering custom-made orthotics, having stitch work performed on your footwear, or need to have a pair of shoes stretched to accommodate ongoing issues with your feet, I’ll have a hand in it. Here’s a sample of the things I do behind the scenes to keep your walking comfortably.

At the beginning of this season, a client came in to purchase a new set of warm winter boots in order to deal with the snow that was as sure to drop along with the mercury.  They took a look around, and decided to try on a new-for-this-year pair of boots sporting a lovely dark, tartan-inspired motif, equipped with a full-length side zipper.  The zipper was an important feature for him as he had issues with swelling in the lower calves which made slipping his feet down through a conventionally closured boot near impossible.  These boots were a perfect fit for him, and he was thrilled with the design and appearance. Unfortunately the much-needed zipper was unable to close due to swelling in the lower calves.  I don’t need to tell you that winter boots with an entire side split open aren’t very effective against the tyranny of a Canadian winter’s embrace. 

Consulting with the client, myself and an associate were able to devise a great work around: we’d create a custom, warm winter lining with an exterior cover that would match the colours equipped with an oh-so-crucial, centrally-located zipper.  I took a few measurements, did some rough estimations and then turned our ideas into a reality. 

Voila! The client had a pair of well-fitting, beautifully designed new boots for the winter season, to go with the smile on his face.

Author: Matt Cameron