If you need help, we have a list of frequently asked questions and answers. We strive to give you the best buying experience possible. Click a question below to view the answer.

We require an appointment to see a pedorthist and recommend an appointment for our One2One visits (compression, bracing, footwear, etc.). We recommend you visit our online booking page to determine which appointment is best for you. Walk-in’s can be accommodate during regular business hours on a first come basis.

You don't need a prescription or referral to come in for an assessment. However, most health insurance plans do require a prescription.

No, OHIP does not cover any portion of our services. However if you have extended health coverage most insurance plans do cover some portion of orthoses and/or prescribed orthopaedic footwear and modifications to this footwear. Please check with your insurance provider.

Each extended health plan is different and you will need to contact your employer or your health insurance provider to determine what coverage is available to you. If required we will provide you with a cost estimate at your evaluation to assist with this process.

You may be able to claim prescribed custom made orthoses and/or prescribed modifications to orthopaedic footwear on your income tax. We recommend you talk to your accountant. Also there may be other ‘third party’ groups who will provide financial help. We can provide a cost estimate at your evaluation to assist with this process.

Typically, with good care and barring major changes in your health, custom made orthoses should last 3-5 years. We are happy to help maintain your orthoses by recovering and adjusting them as required at a reasonable cost.

Yes. There are a variety of non custom options that could be considered through an One2One appointment with one of our Fit Experts. We will discuss a variety of personalized treatment options including; footwear, OTS supports, compression, bracing, etc.

Use our online booking to set up a One2One appointment with one of our Fit Experts, or call the store to arrange an appointment.