45-60 minutes

Your pedorthist will do a full evaluation including biomechanical and video gait analysis, range of motion measurements and related medical history.

Your current footwear will also be assessed for their compatibility with our treatment options so please bring a selection of your most commonly worn footwear.

If custom made orthotics are decided upon as the appropriate treatment, your pedorthist will take a non-weightbearing 3D laser scan of your feet. A fitting appointment will be scheduled for a later date to pick up your finished orthotics.

The assessment fee is $80 plus fax. This fee will be waived should you choose to proceed with a custom-made foot orthotic order within 90 days of your assessment.


We do not require a prescription for a pedorthic assessment; however, most insurance plans require a prescription. The prescription may enable us to waive the HST on custom made or customized appliances and modifications to orthopaedic footwear. Please request that your medical professional provide a prescription detailing the diagnosis and treatment suggested.

*If it is decided that a different treatment will best suit your needs (ex. off-the-shelf arch supports or footwear, bracing, referral to other health care professionals) the process may vary from that listed above.

30-60 minutes

Your orthotics have been prepared in our in-house lab by our lab manager and your pedorthist.

Please bring the footwear you would like your orthotics to fit in to and/or a sample of your current most commonly worn footwear. One of our Experts will fit your orthotics to your footwear. At this appointment you will pay the balance of your orthotics in full and receive your supporting documents.

Although OHIP does not cover any pedorthic services, please be advised that there is no charge for the assessment/ evaluation appointment or for your follow up visits. If you have decided to purchase custom made orthotics, full payment is required at this fitting appointment.

Off-the-shelf or other treatment option costs will vary. Your pedorthist will discuss these prices at your initial assessment before a treatment option is agreed upon.

Direct Billing

We do not bill insurance companies directly but we are happy to provide you with the documentation required to submit your claim. Third party billing (WSIB, DVA, NIHB) may be arranged during your initial assessment.

Ensuring a perfect fit.

To ensure that you are able to wear your orthotics consistently and with comfort, clients can book a complimentary follow-up for necessary adjustments at any point during the first-year proceeding their initial fitting. If you're not experiencing a perfect fit, your pedorthist will address your concerns and make adjustments as needed.