What is Rocker Sole Modification and who benefits from it?

A rocker is usually prescribed post-surgery for persons who have limited or no motion in their ankle, knee or hip. They may also be prescribed for toe joint mobility issues (hallux limitus, hallux rigidus, hallux valgus) or forefoot joint issues. What are the benefits of this modification?

  • Stability and control in motion from Heel Strike to Toe off (the point in a person's walk (gait) at which the foot rises from the floor)
  • Decreased force through ankle and knee joints
  • Adds motion
  • Stops re-injury
  • Promotes healing
  • Alleviates Stress on the affected area

At Stand Your Ground there are two of these modifications we typically suggest:

  • Forefoot Rocker Sole - This Rocker off-loads weight at Metatarsal heads, and is used for treating capsulitis, hallux limitus/rigidus and metatarsalgia.
  • Rearfoot Rocker -This rocker decreases impact on the ground and reaction forces at heel strike. It can actually be combined with the Forefoot Rocker to significantly modify forces during gait.

If you think this Footwear Modification could help you, please don't hesitate to reach out and consult with one of our Canadian Certified Pedorthists.